Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, author
Ethan Hayden | composer, performer, researcher
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As a writer and researcher on music, Ethan is interested primarily in the history, repertoire, techniques, and aesthetics of contemporary music, both of the American experimental tradition and the European avant garde. His recent work focuses on the musical aspects of language, emphasizing the overlaps between music and language that manifest themselves in sound poetry and contemporary vocal music. His research—as well as much of his recent compositional work—focuses in part on phonetics and the sonic features of the spoken voice, as well as the use of nonsensical texts in musical settings.

Ethan has also taught on popular music subjects, most recently teaching courses on the music/music culture of Jamaica, and the history of alternative rock musics. His most recent project, a book for the 33⅓ series, is an examination of the use of nonsensical texts in Sigur Rós' ( ), and their effects on musical experience.

Since September 2014, Ethan has been the editor of the Center for 21st Century Music's Edge of the Center blog.

( )
Sigur Rós's ( )
33⅓ series
Ethan has written a few short blog posts for the 33⅓ website to promote the book and add some additional thoughts on the album:
"…ce dangereux supplément…" and Die Aufgabe des Übersetzers:
Two musical examinations of language and translation
Dissertation, University at Buffalo, 2016
Adamic Passions, Screams of Joy
Language and Expression in Early 20th Century Sound Poetry
Gerhard Rühm: from barely something to almost nothing
[null point words], April 2014
promotion for inaugural [null point] concert: too little/too much
Edge of the Center
Center for 21st Century Music
Ethan is the editor and primary contributor to the Center for 21st Century Music's blog, Edge of the Center. Below are a few selected entries: